Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ahoy Mates!!

I'm Capt. Woody, the newest (and if you ask me - cutest) crew member at the Green Lake Marina Resort. I am going to be sharing with you all my tail-wagging, fur-raising adventures and provide you the exclusive "behind-the-scenes" scoop of the Green Lake Marina Resort. You see, being a labradoodle has its advantages ... not only can I pier-launch with the best of them, but my crew-mates and bosses think I am a good listener so they tend to share with me their secrets - secrets that I am going to share with you!!

For example yesterday, after chewing up the bosses flip flops, I decided to take a snooze on the dock. Since I looked so sweet and innocent asleep the boss decided not to be mad about her flip-flops anymore and began thinking (out loud) about ways to kick-off the upcoming summer season... Well, that made my ears perk right up - so I laid very still, pretending to sleep just so I could get the details for all you. I can't tell you everything since I do feel just a tad guilty about the chewing incident, but I can tell you to keep checking the Green Lake Marina Facebook page because in the next day or two there'll be a chance for you to win some very cool stuff!!!

Well, that's it for now ... this blogging stuff kind of wears a pup out. I think it is time for a dog biscuit and my afternoon seista.

Capt. Woody

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